Why Bricks Need to “Breathe”

“Why do bricks need to breathe?”BrickVent.net brick with glasses and nose

– Because bricks and mortar aren’t waterproof.

“So what happens if my bricks don’t breathe?”

– There is a greater chance for you to have moisture problems with your home or building.

“What kind of problems?”

– Problems like spalling and efflorescence. In some cases the unaddressed moisture can create even worse problems, such as interior wall damage and in some cases mold. Hopefully it doesn’t progress to Black Mold.

“What do I do if I have a brick home or business with masonry and I am seeing these kinds of signs of water damage?”

– First you have to get rid of the moisture that is there or the conditions that allow the moisture to get behind the brick, such as water coming in around your windows or doors. This may be because they were improperly installed or the seals became damaged or otherwise compromised. So that needs to be addressed and you need to make sure that moisture that is in there or that may penetrate, doesn’t get trapped in the airspace between the back of the brick and the outside shell of your home or business. This is where the BrickVent Moisture Control System is likely to come into play. Lastly, you (or a good contractor or handyman) are going to need to address the damage to your home or business.

“Anything else?”

– Yeah. Keep an eye on it to make sure that you got everything.  Water is sneaky. 

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