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The Problem

Moisture and its effects: mold, spalling, and efflorescence are a constant threat to masonry and a serious concern to the construction industry. The BrickVent Moisture Control System was designed to combat these threats.

Mold Growth

Trapped moisture in an undisturbed environment creates optimal conditions for mold growth.

Spalling and Cracking

Freeze/thaw cycle of trapped moisture causes the brick to split or crack, or pieces to pop off.


Salt in trapped moisture shows itself as chalky discoloration seeping through the brick.

The Solution

BrickVent goes beyond traditional drainage and weep systems for masonry on the market today by providing superior ventilation that other products can’t match. In addition, builders can rest assured that the product installs easily and correctly, regardless of field conditions.

BrickVent Makes Things Easy

  • Provides optimal drainage and (more importantly) ventilation 
  • Prevents trash mortar from blocking air flow
  • Inconspicuous – available in brick colors
  • Easy installation and adjusts for perfect fit
  • Retrofit options for existing structures needing moisture remediation
  • Less expensive than ugly, metal vent options

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