Case of 12 Complete Tan BrickVents


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Tan color is mixed throughout the plastic “bricks.” It is not just a surface color. Both the plastic and the color have a UV inhibitor to allow it to withstand effects of sun and outdoor exposure. Backplate is black, but is not visible after new brick facade installation is compete.

The BrickVent bricks can be painted using paint for plastics or by first applying a primer for plastics.

Each case of Complete BrickVent Moisture Control Systems set includes:

  • Twelve (12) BrickVent “bricks” with temporary vent cover inserts
  • Twelve (12) BrickVent mortar deflector backplates
  • One (1) Installation instruction sheet in English and Spanish.

The BrickVent “brick” is the size of a common brick. It is  7-3/4″ Wide x 2-1/2″ Tall x 3″ Deep.

The BrickVent mortar deflector backplate is used for new construction to prevent trash mortar from impacting the ventilation of each unit in the lower course locations. It is not necessary in retrofit installation or for vent placement in upper courses used to create the air “draw.”

The backplate is 14-7/8″ tall. It has a 1-1/8″ nail strip at the top. It is 2-3/8″ deep and 6-5/8″ wide for the venting portion that is inserted into the back of the “brick” with locking tabs. With the backplate fully inserted into the brick portion, the depth is 3-3/8″ minimum, and when fully extended from the “brick,” the depth is approximately 5″.

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