Why Bricks Need to “Breathe”

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"Why do bricks need to breathe?" - Because bricks and mortar aren't waterproof. "So what happens if my bricks don't breathe?" - There is a greater chance for you to have moisture problems with your home or building. "What kind of problems?"

Windshields, Bathroom Fans, Snorkels … and Brick Venting?

By | June 1st, 2017|Blog|

BrickVent products take care of moisture and water vapor in brick and masonry every day. The principles of how the product works are similar to other simple inventions we use every day that we just kind of take for granted without giving

Preventing Efflorescence and Brick Spalling: BrickVent for New Construction

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I am asked quite often, “What is this white chalky stuff on my brick?” (Efflorescence) and “Why are the faces of my brick or stone flaking off?” (brick spalling)  The important follow up question is “what causes efflorescence and brick

The New Alternative to Weep Holes: How BrickVent works

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The importance of drainage and ventilation is widely acknowledged throughout the Masonry industry. The typical brick or stone wall (masonry veneer) on a building is made of very porous materials which take on a tremendous amount of water during rain

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